Terms of Use

Terms Of Use

Kindly go through our terms and conditions carefully prior to using any of our services. These conditions and terms are applicable to all users and visitors on our website. ‘Us’, ‘we’ and ‘Your Writing Help’ refers to Yourwritinghelp.com and ‘you’ refers to any individual using our website or services.

Copyright Statement

• Website content is exclusively owned by Yourwritinghelp.com and is copyrighted material. However, for non-commercial use, you may get the print of this content.
• No one is allowed to modify or use this site’s content for commercial or any other use.
• Yourwritinghelp.com reserves the rights stated under policy section.
• Services provided by Yourwritinghelp.com are subjected to Yourwritinghelp.com’s copyright and its full ownership lies with Yourwritinghelp.com. Users are not allowed to claim credit for any of our services as per our disclaimer and fair use policy.

Limitations of Use

  • Consent from legal guardian or parent is necessary for availing our services if student is under 10 years of age.
  • Until mutually agreed upon in writing, you are not allowed to transfer your rights to access material or receive our services to another individual as services are to be received personally by you.
  • com grants limited permission to the service user and allows modification, downloading, displaying, distributing, publishing, reproducing and duplicating information obtained from Your Writing Help but only after written consent.
  • You agree that you will only use Yourwritinghelp.com services for study purpose and will not be submitting the papers as your original work as stated in our policies.

Warranty and Liability

  • We are always ready to provide you our assistance, however, we have no lability for any delay or interruption in website access.
  • We are not responsible for any loss or damage of data on your server, PC or network.
  • Although we use well-tested and trusted software, however, we don’t guarantee 100% error free access to our website.
  • During update or scheduled maintenance of website, we reserve the right to suspend user’s access to website.
  • We are not responsible in any way for student’s failure in any assignment as our writing help is a subjective matter.
  • We offer rework for poor grades received due to our services. However, there is no refund as each assignment is a specific product and once given to student, it is considered a sold product.
  • Expert shall be provided with sufficient time for completion of work to overcome mistakes, as it is a subjective matter and there can be difference in expectations.

Revision and Refund Policy

Kindly check section of revision and refund policy.

Privacy Policy

Kindly check section of privacy policy.


Validity of other contract terms will remain unaffected even in case of any of the terms becoming unenforceable in part or as a whole.


We reserve the right to modify terms and conditions without providing notice. Terms and conditions latest version supersedes last versions.


We reserve the right of termination of part of whole of service agreement at any given time.


All previous agreements will be superseded by terms of service agreed in latest agreement between Your Writing Help and the student.


By subscribing or registering to our services, the user accepts receiving emails from yourwritinghelp.com about its promotional offers or service updates.