How To Write An Introduction

How important is the introduction of an article? It is as important as it is. From the perspective of the general environment, the number of academic articles published every year has exceeded one million. In the ocean of articles, it is not easy for others to have the opportunity to see your articles, let alone let others peruse your articles instead of throwing them in the trash with a glance.

A good introduction is like a CV. It takes one or two minutes for others to figure out what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what results you get. If the introduction is dry, how can you expect others to be interested and continue to look down and patiently see how you solve the problem and how good the results are? Remember a principle: everyone is busy, you are not important.

Guidelines for Introduction

If we want to impress others with an article, then please start with the introduction.

A question often asked during interviews is: Please take 3 minutes to introduce yourself. To replace it with the introduction, please take a minute to introduce this article. How can I introduce it well? The following parts must be included:

The general background of the article. 

The topics of conversation will always have a limited time and space. The same is true for the article. The first sentence defines your topic. For example, a project, or a type of problem. The size of the background frame must also have a certain scale. The frame is too big, and it will take a long time to get to the specific problem. Too small, it is not easy to arouse the interest of others.

Why study this problem? 

This reflects the meaning of your work, and also reflects the importance of this article. Here you can talk about its application, or the bright prospects brought after the solution. There are some modifications here that are understandable. If the adrenal glands of readers or reviewers can start to secrete hormones, it means that the article has the potential to succeed. But also remember that you can’t blow it up, otherwise it will make people feel that the eye is low.

These two parts can be written as one paragraph.

Review the solutions to this problem. 

This paragraph is really difficult to write. If you want to summarize the past and present of this issue in 1-2 paragraphs, it will be difficult without a lot of literature reading and the ability to grasp the key points. This indirectly requires that when reading documents, develop a habit of recording important results and the names of the documents in a book. When you get the time to write, you have to go through all the documents from the beginning.

When summarizing the work of others, we must follow the principles of fairness, objectivity, and comprehensiveness, and highlight the achievements and deficiencies of others. Don’t depress others’ achievements or magnify others’ shortcomings in order to highlight your own innovations. The reviewers are all experts. Once they are found out, it becomes a character issue, and the article is hard to think about. Comprehensiveness is often limited by one’s own knowledge, it is difficult to do it, just work hard to do it.

Clarify your own innovation point, or the point of entry for your work. 

This is the key point of the article. Don’t talk about it in general, and don’t pack all your work in. Use a few sentences to describe the brightest part of your work. At this point, the main part of the introduction has ended.

After the climax, close it up and calm down. 

Use very plain declarative sentences to outline the structure of the article. For example, what is said in the second quarter, what is said in the third quarter, etc.

When writing these paragraphs, keep a strong sense of hierarchy and logical progression. Only if you know what you are trying to say, others may understand it and become interested.

The introduction is the hardest part of an article to write. It is also difficult to introduce how to write the introduction, but fortunately, it is finally over.

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